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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Rules and Regulations ClusterDX update April 16 2020

1:1A Important for members, new members visitors: Inform yourself about the Law and regulations for 11 meter band. ClusterDX takes no responsibilities in which way members using their RTX, transceivers or other radio equipment. Golden rule: inform yourself about the Law and regulations we take no responsibility for the information on the ClusterDX, DX club groups websites, or web links, message board, activations, contest, managers, spots contest prizes (by sponsoring) etc etc

1:1B In ClusterDX we use written-English only. All other texts can and will be deleted by ClusterDX staff. We ask you therefor use written-English only.

1:2 Membership at ClusterDX is low profile and free. No contribution Needed! However we like to get sponsoring. It is totally voluntary. What we ask from you in return is that you will be active on ClusterDX and spot your DX contacts.

1:3 The use of other call signs is permitted with some rules and regulations. If you planning to use another call sign of a other DX Group, the rule is that you have to inform us about this call-sign change. If you change your call always make a back-up of your spots. A new call can be affected on your spots. (So contact HQ Admin first what to do) ONLY ONE ACCOUNT IS ALLOWD PLEASE CONTACT HQ CO IF YOU NEED A EXTRA ACCOUNT. If you do not inform us about the extra account we can change or we are allowed to delete your callsign, account, administration, webpage spots etc etc. without any notice!

1:4 A Note to all members, new members or visitors. You are not allowed to use or make a website with a url containing following names or words “clusterdx / cluster-dx" or what appears to be the same. This is only possible with permission from HQ Official registered club and 11 meter radio group in the Chamber of commerce. (See also 1:4 B)

1:4 B IMPORTANT You may not use ideas or tekst, urls, programming codes, photos or spots, Facebook account containing, (FB will be informed about these regulations and be ask to delete) etc etc without the permission of the owner of ClusterDX. Even if you are a sponsor you are not allowed! If you do so you will be expelled or we take other actions in the court of law.

1:5 Sponsorship is entirely voluntary and gives you no additional benefits within the ClusterDX or any refund. You can be a free member (regular user) ‘Silver or Gold is only for 1 callsign and Valid for 1 call sign when you did the donation for. If you change call sign or go to other club group or whatever we do not make again a gold Eblem and certificate and swiths the techincal connection Silver Gold.

On ClusterDX We have also user levels Regular (free)
Silver donations (5 € till 19,99 €)
Gold Donation (20 € Till 49,99 €)

1:6 A Activations, Contest, club promoting Your are not allowed to promote your business or advertise for yourself or somebody else to make money or to advertise for a other reason etc is not allowed without HQ and CO permission. Also club promoting on FB ClusterDX pages Chat of Shoutbox are not allowed. The ClusterDX would like to be transparent for DX Groups. We work and share the same hobby. If we hear, see or sense that clubs or individuals lure – recruiting on ClusterDX website, Facbook of Whatsapp, Chats, Shoutboxes etc. We can decide to ban your account or remove it temporarily or forever. If we see, hear or sence that you advertising on Clusterdx website witout the HQ premisson we can ask you advertise money to pay.

1:7 You are not allowed to use ClusterDX as a contest platform and use the ClusterDX as a control sheet for the contest. Also your SES and self promoting or selfspoting of a contest or SES is not permited. Ask your moderator CO or Admin what you can do. You are not allowed to recruit members for your radio dx group / club on the ClusterDX website facebook or other platforms to find new members you have already breaked the rules. You may not spot your own SES or Contest. A Submitter cant can Spot A WKD or SWL of a SES or Contest. (not your own SES or Contest!) An WKD SWL Comment or mabey if ask by the is WKD QRZ to give a a progressive back by a contest is no problemen. Some stations ask for a Progressive number Back

You may not at links or promotion ĺnks fotos of club companies on the spotyer amd chat and schoutbox. Also not on forum, news download etc

If you make a spot you have to do this correct. The Head Manager, ADMIN, Super Admin, Owners HQ Staff Area Manager Moderators Coordinator and owner Admin are allowed to change your spot or delete it. He or she will contact you first. For example you write the call sign not okay with.

1:9 Around 27.555 you are not allowed to write WKD, A SWL is not a problem. on the frequency 27.555 it is an on written rule law but the code of conduct is simple no talking on T5 (27.555) If people search on the calling frequency example 27.555 a 27.553 (for example) will not appear on our ClusterDX.

1:10 We're always assume you have heard or spoken with a station if you make the spot in ClusterDX. It is the members who knows as the spot is made or not. Unfortunately, sometimes spots are in doubt and are seen as lying or bragging spot. After some profiling it is sometimes a fake spot. We as ClusterDX team are not responsible for the spots but if we get informed about fake spots from your account It can and will be deleted. We always assume a fair situation and integrity and we do not delete this spot automatically. We always assume the contract is made or station is heard. HQ Coordinator Owner or Admin ClusterDX can ask you to delete the spot if your QRZ station is claiming he or she was not on the air at that date or time. We will inform you about this first.

1.11A You are using the chat Shoutbox ClusterDX and also outside the cluster in a normal, friendly and integrity way. Discussions, Fights are not allowed. After 1 mediation and again a violation, we are allowed to delete your callsign, account, administration, webpage spots etc etc. or we expelled you for a time!

1.12B Bid sad to announce about this text but in some way there are always members who fighting and pointing fingers to each others. We are all adults and the ClusterDX and our 11 meter hobby is for fun! And there is no place for Individual members (or between) obsessive or jealous behavior. If we see, hear of sense this kind of behavior… we are allowed to delete your callsign, account, administration, webpage spots etc etc. or we expell you for a time! There is no place for a member like this. So be a sports… Mind! your hobby is your hobby and no annoyance!

1.13 No political views - ideas or discrimination affairs be tolerated. We do not discuss religious beliefs. We keep our community ClusterDX clean. We like to let anyone in their own value. Our community is for our wonderful hobby where we all United ... Observe the standards and values we call here.

1.14 Please follow up the guidelines and instructions of the Owner Admins. We can always make a decision to change or delete accounts if we think it is for security reasons or for Privacy or Server matters. We can do this without any notioh. If we make a decision and we withdraw that our rights because we are the Owner, HQ or Admin.

1.15 We do not accept selfspotting. The Moderators are instructed to remove this. You can indicate via special activations if you have an activation or not. We also see many typos if you have had qso and you make a spots, please check before you send it, if you have typed the call correctly. Please do not use the clusterdx spotter as advertise for a stations location, freq or QSL route if you did not talk WKD the stations. Use te chat or activations news for this to inform radio friends.

1.16 Email and other private data You can hide your e-mail on the ClusterDX and do not let others contact you or use your email address. If someone use your e-mail address, we can never be held responsible in any way or another! For the use of your e-mail address or other private data you have to be Alert you self. Please do not use private data like phone numbers house address or what so ever on the ClusterDX. If you do so it is you own responsibility. If you sign up at the ClusterDX you have to read the code of conduct and with sign-up you agree with our rules and regulations (code of conduct). Inform yourself about the rules and regulations. ClusterDX takes no responsibility for the information on the ClusterDX, DX club groups websites, or web links, message Board, activations, contest, managers, spots contest prizes (by sponsoring) the use of your e-mail address or personal private date here on (.com)

1.17 Auto log out system levels

Gold user - 60 min
Silver user - 30 min
Normal user - 15 min

1.18 We can always change our rules and any memebers ship ideas without notifying you of this. The voluntary donations, but also donations Silver Gold member do not give you extra rights or beffefits within the ClusterDX. In case of disagreement or other matters we do not refund any donation. Ones donated is donated! Rules and regulations can be changed sometimes and so we ask you to see if there are some new rules or regulations… Questions can be done on the following e-mail address

Always follow the guidelines or any correction of the HQ, Admin, Coordinators & Moderators. In case of misconduct or not following rules or on instructions, you can be banned, or you can be removed from the cluster without



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