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eQSL how it works and rules and regulations apply on this
eQSL how it works and rules and regulations apply on this
eQSL System

Hello everyone,

If you go to your spots (called MY SPOTS in the scrollbar CLusterDX) you will see your spots in a list.

if you would like to sent a opperator who you spoke to a eQSL then click on the right side of your spots on the Yellow Icon. (Below the pencil, and delete spot Icon)

After you click on the Yellow Icon you will be transfert to the eQSL page.

upload your own picture foto? (You can use also pre installed QSL card foto's)

your own QSL foto? Upload your eQSL photo.

The image size must be 600 x 400 pixels only .jpeg/.jpg
Max file size 100kB
. If you don't see the newly uploaded photo, please press Ctrl+Shift+R

After this you can at your remarks, and automaticly the e-mail address of the operators ( who is a user in clusterdx) will be filled in automaticaly.

If the user on ClusterDX has the e-mail on Hidden? then your have to ask the user the e-mail addres. Beccause we respect if someone likes to have the e-mail on hidden! So we do not Show.

You can also sent to other Operators who are not member- user here on clusterdx. By entering there e-mails address.

After you sent the eQSL the opperator will get a link mail via our eQSL server and they can download the eQSL card by right-click safe option. We will store the eQSL on the database, after this we will delete it for storage room safe.

Good luck,

Video tutorial for eQSL

73's PJ and Tomek Admins ClusterDX

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