30EK/CS Activation Castellón Province
Posted by 30EK013 on May 16 2020 21:29:38

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Podnews Clusterdx
Posted by 19LV002 PJ on March 28 2020 12:06:41
We would like to ask some radio friends to send some wonderful news about 11 meters dx and beautiful anecdotes,
also tell us about yourself and how you started in this beautiful 11 ​​meter hobby.
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User update: Regular, Silver, Gold
Posted by 19LV002 PJ on February 02 2020 18:32:36
Hi everyone,

We always set the bar high. Many members like to spend time on the Clusterdx site. All year we spend a lot of time and money to keep everything workable. That includes a lot; coding, server maintenance, security, backups, paying for licenses and above all keeping an eye on the whole process. We are online 99.8% of the time. It takes a lot of time , effort and money and thanks to sponsors we can suppress a small part of the costs. The more sponsors, the better it is for us as community builders, to be better, instead of the stress of wondering how we can make the next payment.

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Posted by Tomek_161LV001 on December 08 2019 17:08:30
“AD CHRISTMAS PARTY 2019” of Azteca Dxers
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Posted by 26AT043 on October 14 2019 03:19:17

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Eleven Meters World Wide Contest
Posted by 1AT070 on July 20 2019 08:10:01
11 Meters World Wide Contest 20-21 July 2019
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Posted by Michael 13SD016 on June 29 2019 12:32:22
Activation for open air music event with 35000 visitors from 15.07. until 31.07.2019
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D-DAY Landings
Posted by Nash on June 08 2019 18:33:28
26AT/AB+Sword + Gold
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Posted by Wolfgang on June 06 2019 21:41:56
19AT/EU038 Ameland Island
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The default PATH in the ADD SPOT
Posted by ADMIN on March 10 2019 20:03:35
The default PATH in the ADD SPOT
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Posted by ADMIN on December 20 2018 17:14:27
"Winter Sprint" is a short 11m contest, 3 hours of run, where every participant will try to make as much 2 way QSO as possible. it take place on 29th of December 2018.
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