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JS8CALL new digi mode !!
FT8CALL is now known as JS8CALL
Just what we have been waiting for a new FT8 mode with rag chew/QSO ability not just signal exchange.
Please note the new JS8CALL cant decode the old FT8 digi mode.
Read more about JS8CALL on the links below.
Also be aware that the JS8CALL download available now only has a life span of 14 days until the general release of JS8CALL then you'll be required to download the latest version so might be an idea to wait for this release instead.
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21OP153 Colin
hi Colin,
this mode uses some Guys on 11 meters or only HAM bands?
Hi Tomek.

Yes its being tested on ham and 11 mtrs its a brand new digi mode still being tested.
It enables full qso not just signal exchange.
FT8 only lets you TX 13 charactures at a time FT8CALL allows much more in the TX message. I am not sure yet if you can use a full 11 mtr call sign on this new mode yet my thoughts are that it wont.
I am waiting for the full FT8CALL to be released as the version out now only lasts 10 days.
I have used FT8 on 11 mtrs but its not that good because of the low amount of charactures you can TX plus not many use it on 11 so I hope this new mode will encourage more users it beats ROS and SIM hands down, though JT65 used to be the place to be then along came FT8 and nearly all moved off JT65 over night. I think many will also move over to JS8CALL when the full version is released well those that want more than a signal report exchange will.
Best 73's
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21OP153 Colin
To be able to read the release announcements you need to have a log in this takes seconds to do, good luck see you on the waterfall.

Read the latest release announcements here:

Make sure to read the latest documentation here:

The latest builds of FT8Call are:
•Desktop Linux (64-bit x86_64, Ubuntu 18.04 AppImage) v0.4.2: [download]
•Desktop Linux (64-bit x86_64, Ubuntu 16.04 AppImage) v0.4.2: [download]
•Desktop Linux (64-bit x86_64, 18.04 deCool v0.4.2: [download]
•Desktop Linux (64-bit x86_64, 16.04 deCool v0.4.2: [download]

•Desktop Linux (32-bit i386) v0.4.2: [not yet available]
•Raspbian Stretch (armv7, AppImage) v0.4.2: [download]
•Raspbian Stretch (armv7, deCool v0.4.2: [download]
•Windows 10 (win32_64) v0.4.2: [download]

•Mac OS (64-bit x86_64) v0.4.2: [not yet available]
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21OP153 Colin
20 monitors on JS8CALL today its getting popular

V 0.5.2 was released today 2-9-18
Edited by 21OP153 on 07-11-2018 08:57
21OP153 Colin
19LV002 PJ
Hi Colin,
this new mode FT8CAL can you update us how the developments are going?, especially for 11m maybe it is very nice idea to start a news item about it. We will soon start with a news editor ...cldx news..
YouTube Video
YouTube Video
best Regards
Edited by 19LV002 PJ on 02-09-2018 23:31
I'am on the 11 meter band since 1982
i love the radio communication on 11m. I SWL a lot in shortwave band for rare communications. Moderater freq of LV 27.530 mhz


PJ 19LV002
If anyone is interested they can follow the links above, or the link below and read up on the new mode. JS8CALL is still being tested out the final version has not been produced yet, so if you download version 0-5-2 after 10 days it will no longer work so the next updated version must be used.
It is getting popular on 11 mtrs more so at the weekends.
Edited by 21OP153 on 07-11-2018 08:56
21OP153 Colin
Hi All.
Over this weekend 8/9 JS8CALL had these div's on 27.245 1,13,14,15,21,26,30,35, and 56. most seen on PSK reporter map at one time was a total of 31 monitors.
On Ros I saw 97, and 153 div on 635 and a few from EU.
Edited by 21OP153 on 07-11-2018 08:58
21OP153 Colin
Fabio Cabeco
Hello, In the 11m range do they use the ft8 mode? what frequency ? ft 73.
JS8 also 27.245
ROS = 27.635
SIM31 = 27.245

If you see calls on the waterfall in JS8 mode but you dont get a decode its most likely your hearing FT8 they wont decode each other.

Make sure your PC clock is on time this could also stop you decoding.
for this I use Dimension4 works fine for me.

Hope this helps
Edited by 21OP153 on 29-08-2021 17:22
21OP153 Colin
New version out this evening 0-6-3
This version will need updating on the 30th Sept
A few addons and small fixes were added today v 0-6-4

For more info visit --->
Edited by 21OP153 on 16-09-2018 21:44
21OP153 Colin
FT8CALL is now know as JS8CALL

The latest download is available now 0.7.2 but its not the last there will be another update after the 31st Oct when this version runs out.
You can find the new release below.
Edited by 21OP153 on 07-10-2018 18:51
21OP153 Colin
There are four features you can do with JS8 digi mode and APRS:

1. send your location and have it plotted on APRS.FI website map

2. send an email to an email address

3. send a text to a cell phone

4. leave a relay message via a station to be rec when the rec station that has the message hears the nominated staion.
Edited by 21OP153 on 06-10-2019 18:40
21OP153 Colin
Now JS8 has finished its trials its open for all to download V1.0 is the latest.

Downloads are here: enjoy
21OP153 Colin
I been using JS8Call more than any other mode. It still second to ROS, but is still maintained unlike ROS, so I expect it to surpass ROS. Not much use on north america in 11m yet (the gringos don't do much in 11m).
Hi Boys, along time since this was posted..
Now as of 27 June 2019.. we are have a good bit of success in JS8call (now ver) 1.1.0 a full version.. its is tested and working in qrp and with small propagation very well.
It is a narrow mode and wwe have a little home in 27.245 usb.. you can bearly tell we are operation there and is no problem to and from Voice possibly in extreme propagation...
The usual guys are there from RoS in 27.635 usb and a few still from SSTV in 27.700 all modes seem to be have a good turnout in a day with propagation and JS8call does well on these poor days..
anyway enjoy the radio whatever your mode

I CAN CONFIRM js8call works under extreme conditions even with voice in frequency at the same time up to 80-95 % look here find 11 meters and ALL modes .... will show RoS operators and JS8call also other digi modes if used

Best wishes
TONY see you in the cluster..
Edited by tonester on 04-07-2019 08:27
Hi Tony
Just started in this mode today and not used to the software yet. I hope people on here have some patience with newbies! I have had one ack so must be doing something right.
73s Ian
14FB072 14CT007
Hi all
Have been using js8call for a while now on 11m and it works very well. However it will not decode 40m at all even with what looks like a good signal on the waterfall. PSKreporter says there are plenty of stns in EU and they are all on 7.079 and that is where I hear them, but no decode!
Any ideas?
73 Ian
Hi Ian.

If your not getting a decode for JS8 then I think what your hearing is FT8 the freq for 40m JS8 is 7.078 USB and FT8 40m is 7.074 USB the drop down menu will tell you the correct freq for all bands. also the numbers are still very low on JS8 mode check the amount of monitors out on the PSK reporter map, and not all stations are active there only replying to Heart Beats try sending a HB next time your by the radio and any stations that have the auto button selected will reply to you with your SNR that way you can see who can hear you, as you know the PSK map will also do this for you once youve been heard.

JS8 is still very slow to take off on all bands 11 and ham which surprises me as I think its a far better mode than FT8 as it allows for rag chew not just 13 caractures but then each to there own.

If any of you digi guys want to try out JS8 here is the link for the download below.

Hope to see you on the water fall soon.

PS dont forget you'll need to keep your PC on correct time I use Dimension4 its not missed a beat for me in many years.

Good Luck and my the DX gods be with you.
Edited by 21OP153 on 29-08-2021 17:20
21OP153 Colin
Thanks Colin, my mistake was to forget about LSB. When I changed to LSB there were no signals on the waterfall but change back to USB and there were a lot probably FT8 as you say. I can't get enthused by FT8 so I will stick to JS8. There are enough users to keep me amused while I sort the software out trying to get Relays to work etc. I have had some good QSOs with Willi 13wsf and agree it's good to be able actually chat a bit.
We have had contact, my c/s for JS8 is 14FB072 which I use for digital modes and other non SSB stuff.
As I write this I see 40m decoding!
Regards Ian 14FB072, 14CT007
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