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Heil Proset Elite IC 6 headset
Here I put a great opinion about Heil ProSet IC 6 Elite headset. this is the opinion colleague Chris (15LV015), which was posted on a friendly forum.

The review: at last it arrived!

Tonight I tested the headset with my IC-7200 Mic gain settings were at 45 and compression set to 2. The first 3 contacts gave me positive reports on audio quality. All three contact were not asked for and I hadn't given out any information as the the equipment I was using. Always good to have a positive comment like this on audio when a report isn't requested.


I've always liked to wear headphones to listen to DX, being a little deaf in one ear it really helps to have the sounds right up close to my ears.
Phase Reverse I tried it both on and off, my personal preference was OFF though this could be down to my slight deafness in one ear. With the Phase Reverse enabled the sound felt off center and just not quite right, when its switched off the sound to me was perfect. So in my case this is a switch that wont be used. Great sound too, both on extra low volume and loud, no distortion at all.


I would have loved it had you been able to swap the headset around so the mic boom could be used one the left AND right, this isn't possible and has to be used in the left hand position only.
Transmit is in my case via the pistol type trigger key, its comfortable to hold, positive operate and not hard work on the finger to hold in for a long period. However it would have been a nice option to have a latching trigger to free up both hands when needed. They are very good almost too good at suppressing external sound from the room, even with quite low volume I think the wife might have to shout to get my attention, but then this is what they are meant to do. Worn at a reasonable volume its virtually impossible to hear anything from them by others in the same room.

Look and feel:

Love the build quality looks nice solid built, not to heavy and at first feel very comfortable on the head and ears. The Mic boom is flexible and also looks well made, solid and should last well. After wearing the headset for a couple of hours it does start to feel a little uncomfortable, you can adjust the ear pressure but I found reducing this to the point of comfort it feels just a tad loose. Also after some time even the well padded head band starts to give the feeling of pressure on the top of my head (having more hair would help). Another point is that it does feel quite warm, a little like wearing winter ear muffs inside the house. I did read in one of the e-ham reviews that its possible to change the ear cups to full "over ear" cups, if these do allow your ears to not feel any pressure I think I would probably be happy to wear them all day long. As they are I feel I need a break from them after a couple of hours.
The cables look good quality chrome plugs.

So in my case to make the Heil Pro Set Elite IC a perfect headset:
Make the ear cups full over ear cups.
Ability to choose left or right for the mic boom.
A little more padding on the head band or more head hair

Like them a lot just could not wear it all day.

EDIT: stupidly I never tried to take off the cotton covers and found they fit very nicely over my ears. So for now im a happy chap

Edited by 19LV002 PJ on 09-12-2012 22:44
Thanks Mike for observations and comments, your comments will be helpful in the selection of this equipment. Greetings and see you soon on air! 73s
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