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Looking to purchase a new QRP rig, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated Smile
What are you using it for? For example is it portable. I sometimes take my Magnum 1012 hiking. It is a cheap 11 meter transceiver, rather than high end HF gear. It is a compromise radio but while not perfect it has 11 meter SSB and a max out of 4W when SWR is low.

This summer from North Carolina, I work Main, Costa Rica, and more with only Rubber Duck. Last year I work 16 division with indoor dipole, but hit the shack as conditions were amazing.

I sometimes take it with me hiking along with a half wave dipole, and am always surprised. I do not use a tuner as I only work one band.

I like Magnum 1012 for inexpensive Handheld Transceiver with side band for 11 meter.

I find I use it more for listening, but it will TX nice when prop is good or I use an external antenna. I have speaker mic, and also a 12V adapter with antenna input. In the field I use 9 AA 1.5 V (not the rechargeable as they are only 1.2V), with the long whip or a wire antenna attached to BNC where the whip goes. The half wave dipole tuned for 11 meter works nice.

My questions is do you only work 11, do you want a handheld, are you portable?

I heard of many HF rigs that are superior with battery built in, but I do not need the extra bands.

Have fun. --73 Joe
I hope to hear you on the band. --73, Joe
Hi Joe,

Yes I will be using it as a portable backpack radio. I have low end 10-12 mobile I am currently using with a 7amp hour gel cell and small 15 amp solar panel for charging that works pretty well but would like to upgrade with a little nicer rig with more bands available to work without killing the pocket book Frown

Thinking about a YASEU FT100 etc....??
Ray, it sounds like you have a really nice setup and have the correct direction as far as considering the Yaesu FT100 and similar. I have no first and experience with Yaesu models, but I like the built in battery for the FT-817 and others. I have read mixed reviews on battery life. Keep me posted as to what rig you try and how it works for you.

I find the solar panels are expensive and take up a lot of space when backpacking. If I needed a larger battery, I would bring the solar panel rather than an extra battery as the PV is much lighter. I have a 20W flexible thin film PV that rolls up, and it is a nice item to have. The little Magnum 1012 runs on AAs so I take more batteries and leave the PV panel in the car. I also have a more efficient 10W Multi-crystalline panel but in my case I usually just hike with an extra cell battery and extra AA cells for the radio. As mentioned if I was taking a larger battery I would likely bring the solar panel for charging.

I think it would be nice to have one of these QRP rigs with a battery built in and then bring an external battery similar to what you have to run in parallel, or have for back up.

--73, Joe

PS: You have likely seen the review at the link I post below. I provide a link to FT-817 for your convenience.

I hope to hear you on the band. --73, Joe
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817 Yeasu is nice QRP radio, even on a solar panel you can run the radio.. very nice radio.
73 guys have fun
I agree that panels are bulky and a pain in the arse lol but it's nice to get some kind of a charge on batts. Here's another item I have been considering throwing in the backpack http://www.getpre...-50075.htm

Yaesu FT-817 Smile

Great info! Thanks Guys!
.Homes in California and Idaho
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Hi Ray,

very nice link buddy! i have here a youtube video of the G-pack

here by the link, http://www.youtub...XD9kLUg0oQ

Parst to buy: http://astore.ama...amp;node=3


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.Homes in California and Idaho
Reading the forum I saw that like me are fans of QRP and digital.
It would be nice to be able to experience these passions together
What do you think ??
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