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Radio help service
19LV002 PJ
Hi Everyone,

Here you can start a discussion about tranceivers modification, rf problems etc,
ask for help and feeback.

Joe 2NC605 and Peter 43LV001 offer there suport to help you with technical questions.


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Hello everyone, I am happy to help. I have 20+ years working radio and electronics engineering. I think we can all learn from each other, and I have wide area of system and component level knowledge along with both hardware and software development. I have knowledge and experience to share in radio, antennas, and more, and will try my best to help. Another good quality in my opinion is I know my limitations and enjoy helping radio operators find solutions. --Thanks PJ for the recognition.
I hope to hear you on the band. --73, Joe
14SD141 Herve
bonjour a tous
je posséde un YAESU FT817ND
le probl?me est le suivant sur la batterie la tension est de 13volts avant elle été de 10,5volts et sur alimentation exterieur le tension est de 19 volts
la tension s'affiche sur l'ecran du transiver
merci d'avance pour votre aide
73' de 14sd141 hervé
merci de mettre mon post dans la bonne rubrique
19LV002 PJ
Hi Guys here the translate of the above topic Herve_14sd141

Hi I have a YAESU FT817ND the problem is next to the battery voltage is 13 volts before it was 10.5 volts and power outside the voltage is 19 volts voltage appears on the screen transiver thanks in advance for your help 73' 14sd141 Hervé thanks to my post in the good topic
update, via skype: Radio is being sent to a YAESU tech for repair. I hope to hear you on air soon! --73

Thanks for posting to forum. I checked out the radio and issue and have some ideas, but still not sure. I will follow up again.

This follow up is to say I am sure that I want a FT817 after reading and watching some youtube videos looking into batteries Grin

I am looking into how the internal and external batteries are regulated and also sampled for display. I wall follow up more ...just wanted to say nice radio friend! --73, Joe

BTW: If anyone more familiar with this transceiver and issue, please share.
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I hope to hear you on the band. --73, Joe
14SD141 Herve
I go to the repairer and after discussion with the techicien this one tells me that this is a problem with the telephone display since power is a 13.8v
So according to him the position no risk
thank you for your help 73 'hervé 14sd141
14RC446 Carlos
Hello everyone
I'm looking for the user in French or Spanish micro ADONIS AM 808G
PHOTO OF MICRO is on my blog
thank you for yours help 73s
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WinkMerci du contact best 73 sSmile
Hey everyone, i need a better microphone at my IC735. Any tip´s? The original have not enought hub, so i´m too quiet. If you know a good working Mic for that Radio, leave a mssg here :-) Thx guys, 73´
Every kontact is a good kontakt. Stay safe, have Fun on Air `73
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